Took a Hiatus

God! I hate that word! Hiatus.

Sounds like a disease. I’ve been away for way too long and was itching to come back but was otherwise mentally preoccupied – beating myself up over a few things.

I’ve been “away” before, but this has been way too long. Obviously our lives were punctuated by the global pandemic that stalled so many things. My running stalled. I tried running during the Covid-19 lockdowns but it was surreal and demotivating. I tried and ended pausing all my running. My stamina is shot.

The last 28 months had been a learning experience. Learning that if I stop something, it’s harder to get back into. Learning that if I continue something, it’s easier to keep going. Learning that if I start something, it’s easy to start and that there’s no time like the present to start something different or new.

As we approach the end of 2022, I’m not thinking about 2023 resolutions but what I’m going to stop doing, what goals I’m going to start and what I’m continuing.

I’m going to stop overthinking which’ll help to minimise my procrastination (I’m a procrastinator). I’m continuing on my fitness and weight training. I’m going to start my running again, beginning with walking and then running a familiar 5km loop. I’ve also recently adopted a stray Tabby, which was a goal for the last 6 months. And the rest… let’s see how we go, and to stop beating myself up.

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