Running Distance Table

measurement-millimeter-centimeter-meter-162500With the many articles and write-ups about running and distances, it’s sometimes good to have a handy table of reference when converting distances from kilometres to miles or vice versa.

It’s easy to do in a spreadsheet (or you can copy from below).  Distances shown are nominal, have been rounded up and not the exact race distance, especially for the longer races. It’s easy to memorise too.

I find it useful when reading run training/nutrition articles to have the distance in mind when working out plans and timing.

 Kids fun runs 1 0.621
 Kids fun runs 1.61 1
Parkruns 5 3.1
Fun runs, mid distance 10 6.2
Long distance run 15 9.3
Half Marathon 21.1 13.1
Marathon 42.2 26.2

A distance is just a number. Now go and set those running goals with a specific number!

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